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Patch 4.24.621
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  • Increased the Efficiency bonus provided by number of buildings
  • The Space Elevator project is now visible as soon as a planet has 4 cities (Note a)
  • Balance changes:
    • Milk production now cost 0.03 Animals instead of 0.12
    • The Space Elevator project now has a fixed cost instead of a sum of stockpiled goods (Note a)
    • Pioneer colony ship Ration Pack cost has been increased to 1000 from 100
    • The Ration Packs added to the Colony stockpile on colonization has been increased to 1000 from 100
    • Reduced Pioneer movement speed to 4 from 10
    • Removed all armaments from Pioneer ships
    • Exploiter industrial ship cost has been increased across the board
    • Exploiter Fuel consumption has been increased to 100 from 25
    • Starvation kills population much slower
    • Civics now increase population growth
    • Temples now provide Faith
    • Civics now provide Faith, Health, and Joy
  • Artifact changes (Only for new Artifacts):
    • Unlock Charcoal now spawn on Farm- instead of Mine- Artifacts
    • Artifacts are now much more likely to spawn for buildings that have been constructed, as opposed to buildings not yet built or unlocked
  • Artifact changes (Old and new Artifacts):
    • The Pegassian's Redeemer effect has been increased to 300% from 250%
  • Added hexagonal overlays to make loot easier to spot in space
  • Made it easier to distinguish between an unlocked district and an available district
  • Fixed Alpha Notice going off the screen and/or being incorrectly scaled
  • Settings: Interface Scale slider now moves in steps of 5% instead of 1%
  • Merged Space Elevator management into the regular planet management widget
  • Fixed Artifacts showing behind each other in the Artifact vault (Thanks Livity)
  • Added building counts to Planet stats in the Divine Authority panel
  • Planet stockpile is now updated immediately on Artifact crafting
  • Artifact crafting:
    • Reforge can no longer result in Infinite being lost on Infinite duration Artifacts
    • Add Modifier can no longer result in Infinite being lost on Infinite duration Artifacts
  • Cotton no longer requires animal sacrifices
  • Leftover City plans and District plans are now refunded once you begin the Space Elevator project
  • Fixed effect of The Unmaker Artifact not persisting through server restarts (Note b)
a) Because of the changes to the Space Elevator project you may find you no longer have access to it if you did previously, and vice versa. Make sure you meet the new requirements by checking under Divine Authority for the ''Begin Space Elevator'' special project
b) The two planets that had already triggered the Unmaker have had the effect manually re-applied
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