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Phase III: Hotfix 3
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  • Adjusted Treasure spawn rates and locations (Notes *)
  • Treasures now only spawn around stars that have a Capital planet
  • Adjusted some Artifact modifier values (Notes **)
  • Artifact modifier ''-x% Production cost'' for buildings renamed to ''-x% Construction cost''
  • Several improvements to the Planet management interface
  • Fixed issue that could prevent Artifacts for certain Building slots from spawning
  • Over 800 Artifacts that were ''lost in space'' have been moved to their owners' Vaults
  • New Artifacts no longer spawn with modifiers for weird buildings (Notes **)
  • Prevented some more modifier conflicts from spawning on new Artifacts (Notes **)
  • Artifact socketing now works again (Notes ***)
  • Goods Production now works again (Notes ***)
  • * Overall spawn rate is effectively unchanged. Treasures now spawn more often, but the max unclaimed is lower
  • ** Existing Artifacts are not changed
  • *** There are still cases where socketing and production does not work. I am investigating further!
There are still cases where Artifact modifiers do not work as expected, please report any such issues on the forums
Forums > Patches > Phase III: Hotfix 3
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