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Phase III: Hotfix 1 - Server update
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No client update required, this is a server-only update!

While there were many fixes today none directly make the game more playable.
Another hotfix is scheduled for tomorrow, and the countdown has been updated.

I am happy with the amount of things I could fix today, and hopeful that tomorrow will get Artifact spawning working correctly. So you'll be able to hunt for Artifacts and compare loot.

Regarding the bonuses from playing pre-Phase III, fear not, they have been awarded and you'll see them as soon as Treasure spawning is fixed!

  • Fixed Artifact spawning potentially flooding other services with data
  • Further synchronization hardening to prevent unfair advantages in the planet services
  • Fixed several issues related to Artifact looting
  • Fixed several instances of maths logic errors resulting in slightly wrong values
  • Fixed ''off by one'' error in Artifact vault backend
Forums > Patches > Phase III: Hotfix 1 - Server update
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