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Phase III shambles on
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I expected issues when deploying Phase III, but not quite this many!

As stated in the previous dev-diary, I have decided to push the update live despite the showstopping and game-breaking issues it currently has.
Partially to give all you amazing deities access to things as soon as they are fixed, and partially to give myself a reason to fix things faster ;)

A list of all the things that are broken can be found ingame.
The game is currently NOT PROPERLY PLAYABLE as core functions are being fixed.

Expect frequent patches, multiple per day most likely, for the next week or so as I work to wrestle Phase III into shape.

If you find an issue that isn't listed in the ''Known issues'' list please do let me know!

And finally, I am very sorry Phase III arrived in this sad state after such a long wait. I hope to earn back your trust by fixing things in a timely manner in the near future.
Forums > Diary > Phase III shambles on
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