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Upcoming patch Phase III
Posted 228 days ago
  • New mechanic: Space elevators
  • New mechanic: Shipyards
    • Colony ship unlocked
  • New mechanic: Colonization
  • Complete rework of goods production
  • Complete rework of resources
  • Complete rework of buildings
  • New mechanic: Building Artifacts
  • New mechanic: Population based slot unlocks
  • New mechanic: Crafting
  • New mechanic: Craftable Artifacts
  • New mechanic: Artifact tiers/quality
  • Several things added around the universe
  • Gods and Idols is now DPI aware
  • Many performance improvements in UI rendering
  • UI scaling can now be set
  • Major overhaul of UI design and layout
  • Transparent objects could be rendered out of order
  • Fixed infinite startup loop - Thanks SuperNova
  • Fixed several cases of UI alignment issues
  • Fixed crash after changing resolution
  • Light no longer penetrates planets - Thanks everyone who reported this
  • Fixed chat not always scrolling to bottom when switching channels
  • Tooltips can no longer go off-screen
  • Fixed chat becoming invisible when switching channels
  • Fixed chat history appearing offset
  • Fixed several cases of lag stuttering when moving around the galaxy
  • All Planet Services now stop if another Planet Service has crashed and is in the process of recovering in order to prevent unfair advantages
  • All Planet Services now stop if the Data Relay Service crashes to prevent planets from being processed if players can't see them
Forums > Diary > Upcoming patch Phase III
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