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Brace for bad news and delays!
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Two weeks ago there was a water leak in my kitchen which has ruined the floor in the kitchen, hallway, and livingroom.
While my landlord is fixing the floors/kitchen I won't be able to live in my apartment and have to move all my things.
Since I host the servers myself that means the servers have to be moved as well, and it is unlikely I'll be able to find a way to get them online with such short notice.

Their estimated time for fixing everything is ~2 months.
Which means it is very likely that Gods and Idols, and the website, will be offline for ~2 months.

I am looking at alternative solutions in order to keep the servers online, but I can't make any promises.
Don't worry though, development has not stopped, and I'm not abandoning anything!

I wanted to share this information as soon as possible and will update as/if more information becomes available.
Forums > Diary > Brace for bad news and delays!
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