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The boring dev. blog!
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This dev. blog was meant to contain screenshots of some of the new features. But when putting it together it just wasn't very good.
The screenshots had a lot of temporary things in them that didn't really show the new gameplay features clearly.
So, I changed my mind last-second, and in this dev. blog I thought I'd go over some of the more boring new features, fixes, and changes that are coming in Phase III.
Saving the new gameplay stuff for another dev. blog closer to Phase III release.

First the big one, Gods and Idols will be scaling-aware with Phase III! No more weird stretching and resolutions not actually matching.
And with resolution being scaling aware, it only made sense to add UI scaling as well.
Those of you playing on high resolutions will be pleased to know that you can now scale the UI all the way from 50% to 250%, not that 50% is actually playable, but I left it in regardless.

Next up is the chat. Some of you may have noticed that names now show up properly, no more ____________!
In addition to that, the chat itself has received numerous fixes and will just be overall more well behaved in Phase III.
Additional features, such as clicking usernames to send direct messages, are also coming soon after Phase III.

And finally, a big one, one that many of you have probably experienced and found incredibly annoying. Not to mention the accidental self-resets.
Planets and asteroid belts disappearing is finally fixed in Phase III!
And in addition to that, more information has been added ingame in Phase III that shows the health of the servers, as well as information when a service is down or not responding.

That's it for this time.
In the next dev. blog there'll be pictures of the space elevators and some of the new features they bring.
Not much longer now, Phase III draws ever closer!
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