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Patch 4.23.1118B (So much death)
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HOTFIX 4.23.1118B
  • Fixed new players being unable to set # of production lines
HOTFIX 4.23.1118A
  • Faith, Health, Joy are now properly limited to the -20% to +120% range
  • Fixed client-side UI issue that showed the wrong value for how much population affects Faith, Health, Joy
PATCH 4.23.1118
  • Faith, Health, and Joy gains from buildings balanced
  • Base population growth reduced from 3/second to 3/minute
  • New City requirement lowered from 200'000 population to 20'000 pop
  • Population Food consumption increased from 2/min for 10'000 pop to 100/min for 10'000 pop
  • Starvation now affects Health, and Joy directly
  • Starvation affects population growth much more
  • Max population provided by Cities reduced from 1'000'000 to 50'000
  • Added missing Faith, Health, Joy information to buildings
  • Fixed inaccurate tooltips on some buildings
NOTES: Because of the changes to population growth and food consumption your population WILL decrease very rapidly if there is no food!
Forums > Patches > Patch 4.23.1118B (So much death)
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