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Patch 4.23.1006 (Storage)
Posted 2014 days ago
  • Fixed missing cost in tooltip for District and City plans
  • District plans and City plans no longer show a continuous gain/loss in stockpiles
  • District plans cost changed to 80 Concrete, 40 Construction mats.
  • Increased Concrete base output from 4.8/min to 7.2/min
  • Lowered Planks cost of Construction mats. from 7.2/min to 6/min
  • Added new buildings: Storage, Warehouse, Horreum
  • Increased population requirement of cities 2, 3, and 4 to 200'000, 400'000, and 600'000 respectively
  • Some minor performance improvements
  • Unlockable districts now turn yellow when District plans are available
  • Added highlight effect to unlockable districts and building slots
  • Changed duplicate icons for Pit quarry, Manufactory, Orchard, Deepcore mine
  • Buildings now show their production output boost
  • Most windows can now be closed by pressing ESC
  • Upcoming patch countdown is now visible ingame
  • Clicking a building now scrolls the city manager to that buildings goods production
  • Clicking patch countdown now opens a window showing upcoming patch notes
  • Added planet stats and type to planet summary tab
  • Added tooltip to production slots in city management window
  • City center concrete production now shows proper gain values and no cost
  • Building efficiency was incorrectly disabled
  • Fixed UI softlock when dragging some windows
  • Fixed UI loading twice when applying new settings
  • Fixed Found new City button not showing requirements and cost
  • Found new City is now properly disabled if requirements are not met
  • Electricity is now displayed properly in stockpiles
Forums > Patches > Patch 4.23.1006 (Storage)
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