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Patch 4.23.944 (Rising)
Posted 2019 days ago
  • Universe reset
  • Complete rework and finalization of buildings:
    • Dozens of new buildings
    • Polished upgrade paths
    • Building production efficiency
    • ... and a sneak peek at things to come
  • Complete rework and finalization of goods:
    • Dozens of new goods resources
  • New mechanic Electricity to further boost production
  • Added missing Concrete icon
  • Added current count of building type to tooltip when planning new constructions
  • Added stockpile and gain information to tooltip when selecting a new goods production
  • Stockpile gain value calculations and handling slightly changed
  • Fixed a production slot related exploit
  • Fixed goods being produced and consuming resources even if stockpile was full
  • Fixed resources and buildings showing an incorrect older value if amount hit 0

NOTES: Building and Resource costs are not finalized.

Several resources are missing icons.
Forums > Patches > Patch 4.23.944 (Rising)
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