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Patch 4.23.916 (Cost of Living)
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  • Universe reset
  • Processing Plant is now boosted by Coal
  • Founding new Cities now require population milestones to be met
  • Districts now cost resources to unlock
  • Cities, Districts, and several production chains, now produce Waste
  • New building: Hospital
  • New building: Garden
  • New building: Powerplant
  • New building: Distribution center
  • Added new goods Advanced Materials
  • Added new goods Steel
  • Added new goods Girders
  • Added new goods Plating
  • Added new goods Industrial Alloy
  • You can now raze a building by right clicking on it
  • Rebalanced building costs
  • Increased max build-speed from 1/sec to 10/sec
  • Buildings under construction are now shown grayscale on the planet surface
  • Buildings are now constructed by right clicking an empty slot
  • Several visual changes and updates
  • Planet stockpile is now always visible in the city manager
  • Removed leftover debug ''Workers:'' from tooltips
  • Removed leftover debug ''Building was required'' from tooltips

Electricity postponed until next patch. Powerplants currently have no function
Health postponed again. Gardens and Hospitals currently have no function
Forums > Patches > Patch 4.23.916 (Cost of Living)
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