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Patch 4.23.872 ("Re-Foundation" and fixes)
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  • Universe reset
  • Foundation has finally arrived!
    • New City mechanic!
    • New Districts mechanic!
    • Overhauled Buildings and Goods!
    • New production system!
  • Fixed invalid SteamAPI protocol string
  • Fixed invalid selectedObject reference in the planet manager
  • Fixed corrupt resource depot reference
  • Long standing synch bug has been resolved

HOTFIX 4.23.872
  • Moved the chat back to where it should be
  • Added missing tooltips for buildings
  • Added progress to construction sites tooltip
  • Fixed crash when moving too far away from a selected planet
  • Fixed lag caused by absurdly large UI data-stream
  • Fixed missing building icons on the planets
  • Buildings on planets can now be clicked
Forums > Patches > Patch 4.23.872 ("Re-Foundation" and fixes)
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