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Re-Foundation countdown
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Fixed Foundation is set to go live on Friday March 9th.

No ''new'' features, only the ones that were originaly launched with Foundation.
  • Planets are back! (And Vagabond Fleets are gone)
  • Cities, buildings, and production is back!
In the next three weeks I will be checking, double checking, and tripple checking, that Foundation works as intended.
I will also be doing some server maintenance, database updating, and so on. It is the perfect time for it after all, the main servers not being online.

A countdown is available ingame and on the official site if you want to make sure you're around for the moment things come back online.

As always I'm in the chat, and on the forums, if you have any questions.
And I hope to see you all on the 9th, in the wonderful working Foundation!
Forums > Diary > Re-Foundation countdown
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