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Current list of issues
Posted 798 days ago
Jattenalle is aware of, and working on the following things:
Current issues
  • Invisible buildings
  • Cities are not producing resources
  • Missing elements in City management screen
  • Cities are not saved between sessions
  • [More] and Planetary Stockpile windows not working
Fixed issues
  • Seed not working properly -Hotfix 4.23.637

If you find a bug or issue, please report it on the Steam forums <3
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Re. Re. Current list of issues
Posted 747 days ago
You are still at it eh? I played back in 2012. Nice to see you are still working on it.
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Re. Current list of issues
Posted 746 days ago
Wow that's a name i didn't expect to see. It's been a long time.
Forums > Diary > Current list of issues
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