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"Foundation" moved to Friday
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tl;dr: Foundation is moved to Friday the 17th, countdown at has been updated to reflect this.

So what's going on?
Not much really, just the same old last minute issues that always inevitably creep up.
I found myself throwing together fixes that were just worse and worse as the countdown approached 0.
At this point I have just spent 45 minutes tracking down an issue caused by a hasty fix to another problem, that was itself another fix to another problem... When poor fixes cause more problems than they solve you know it's gone downhill.

So I'm delaying the patch until Friday, just a few days, should give me enough time for a proper nights sleep and some more headroom to fix the most serious issues.

I considered pushing the patch out in its current state, but there's not much point: After you found a city, you are unable to set any goods production, and I don't know why (Works fine with 1 client, stops working with more than 1 connected, It's probably something really stupid like a misplaced 0 where it should be an x)

So in another long line of delays and postponed patches, here's another delay and postponed patch. It's tradition! ;)

On the bright side, delaying it until Friday means I have all weekend to be on hand for any issues you guys find. Then we can curse past-me's poorly done ''fixes'' together.
Forums > Diary > "Foundation" moved to Friday
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