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Questions and Answers #1
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Questions and Answers
  • Will there be random events like meteor strikes?
    • There will be random planetary events and ''quests'' in the future, but not in the Foundation patch

  • How will terraforming be in gods and idols
    • By using a spell that requires you to crack another planet open to siphon its resources

  • Can you give an exact number of fighters a carrier can carry at this time?
    • The amount of Fighters a Carrier can have is based on how many Hangars are installed, and the stats of those hangars. You can also put Hangars on a Destroyer if you want.

  • Will the market be fixed in Foundation?
    • No. The underlying issue, timing synchronization, is a pretty big fix and I want to get a gameplay update out first

  • Will my fleets defend themselves if they are attacked when I'm offline?
    • Yes. Fleets will automatically engage any hostile fleet in range. It doesn't matter if you are online or not

  • How do I resupply my fleets?
    • Fleets are automaticall resupplied if they are docked at a planet, or by having Supply equipment in their loadout. Supply equipment automatically resupplies the fleet, and with enough of them a Fleet can be made self-sufficient, at the cost of not being able to mount other equipment in those slots

  • Are the carriers completely 100% necessary to use the fighters, or could I leave them in orbit right next to the colony that supplies them?
    • Fighters require a ship with Hangars in order to launch. You can put Hangars on the destroyers in a fleet if you dont need many, or just don't want to spend the resources for larger hulls

  • If you could make NPC ships like bandits or aliens that would be great, and if they could drop stuff like ammo or ship equipment, or skins?
    • That's exactly what the Military Fleet Missions are

  • Can I customize the equipment of single ships?
    • No. Equipment customization is per fleet, for example all Destroyers in the same fleet will have the same equipment. But you can have multiple fleets with different loadouts that compliment each other

  • How far along is the patch? What's left to do?
    • Actually implementing the new City system properly and not just in the prototype environment. Many many changes and tweaks to fleet movement. Finalize the changes to the buildings and resources. And some other odd bits and ends

  • The most recent post about the update states the destroyer is the only ship that can damage a planet?
    • Destroyers are not the only ship able to siege a planet, any ship with capital-class weaponry on it can.

  • So does this mean a form of PVP will be available in the patch?
    • A very basic form, yes. You will be able to lay siege to other planets in the same star system. You will also be able to attack any hostile fleet in the same star system

  • When will the patch come?
    • As always, when it's ready. I am still aiming for end of October

Your question not included? I probably didn't see it... Go ahead and post it on the Steam forums and I'll see about answering it in the next dev. diary.

Until then, back to work, many things to fix yet!
Forums > Diary > Questions and Answers #1
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