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Birth of a God delayed
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The content patch Birth of a God uncovered some issues related to how the server planet nodes sync their timings.

When everything works, the slowest planet node should compensate its math in order to bring it up to the same relative speed as a node running at 100%.
In practice this means that a goods item being manufacture at 1/second will end up producing that 1/second regardless of which server it is on.
The way I do this is by compensating:
-On a server running at 100%, 1 cycle takes 1 second, every cycle add 1 to the goods in question
-On a server running at 50%, 1 cycle takes 2 seconds, which means every cycle we add 2 to the goods

This works fine, and means things will even out over time so that no one server is running ahead of the others.

Unfortunately, the way the new gameplay in Birth of a God was coded it does not take that ''time dilation'' into account.
Making it.. well.. fuck up.

So I've decided to turn the servers back on while I fix this.
It is entirely an oversight on my part, no outside factors to blame, this one is all on me <3

In a bit of good news, this also explains all the issues with the marketplace. It just did not occur to me that the nodes run at different timings, which threw the market server completely off.
Forums > Diary > Birth of a God delayed
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