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Patch 3.23.422 (A flame in your heart)
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  • Fighters now group into squadrons of 3 instead of 5
  • Amount of missiles launched by MLRS Weaponry reduced from 40 to 20
  • Reduced area of effect of Flak artillery
  • Each food goods now provide +0.35 Health/minute
  • Several goods will provide + Happiness
  • Alcohol and Vaccines are no longer explicitly required
  • Increased the risk of pirate attacks from 7 days average, to 2 days average
  • Planetary defenses Ammunition usage while firing increased to 5/min from 1/min
  • Slightly increased lethality of diseases
  • Hospitals now provide an innate bonus to Health
  • Population now produce Waste
  • Waste reduce Health, as well as the growth rate of Plants, and Trees
  • New building added: Incendiary plant, to deal with Waste
  • Water, Trees, and Plants have a higher base growth but no longer get a boost from increased storage
  • Massive reduction in polycount for big Fighter swarms
  • Switched the port chat uses away from 6667 to avoid ISPs blocking IRC
  • Improved fighter squadrons movement
  • Karma827 is not shown as a bot anymore
  • Long words in chat no longer add a scrollbar
  • Mousing over goods in the planetary stockpile now show which raw materials they are using
  • Goods no longer get stuck in raw materials side of buildings
  • Crew training now stops if there is enough in the Armory waiting for pickup
  • Weapons and Ammo production in Armory no longer stop if switching to Crew then back again
  • Plank production in Sawmill no longer stop if switching to Charcoal then back again
  • Fixed crash when Artillery fired
  • Tooltips no longer get stuck when selecting planets/buildings
  • Planet is now properly re-selected after pressing ESC to cancel construction site placement
  • Fixed issue that could cause resolution to be stuck in ''Too low'' mode even after changing it
  • Fixed several issues related to the chat
  • Food goods are now consumed even if there's less than 1 stockpiled
  • Fixed Hauler transfer capacity stats showing as 0,0,0

  • Pirate attacks are not visible enough, it is very easy to not notice you are under attack at all if you happen to be viewing your planet from the ''wrong'' angle.
    This will be improved in an upcoming patch.
Forums > Patches > Patch 3.23.422 (A flame in your heart)
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