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Patch 3.23.315 (Shipyards and Haulers)
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  • Goods transfer rate now depend on active production slots and construction sites
  • Metal, Life, and Gas matter again, added tooltips to buildings that are affected
  • Shipyard unlocked, can produce Haulers
  • Warehouses, Granaries, and Chemtanks no longer provide Haulers
  • Farm renamed to Industrial scale farm, it can no longer be built by hand
  • Changed cost of Industrial scale farm
  • Increased number of slots in Industrial scale farm from 4 to 6
  • Housing no longer has any production slot
  • Essence and Power production will be moved to Temple
  • Population Health now matters
  • Population Happiness now matters
  • Vaccines and Alcohol is now consumed by Population
  • Added several missing building descriptions
  • Updated some building descriptions
  • You can now move slightly closer to planet surfaces
  • Adjusted data transmission rate for unselected, or hostile, planets
  • AMD/ATi graphics cards are no longer incorrectly reported as deprecated
  • Reported video memory on AMD/Ati cards should now be accurate
  • Buildings now affect the terrain around them
  • Changed planet surfaces to a more appropriate _temporary_ surface
  • Added engine trails to Haulers
  • Building goods productions are now visible on the planet surface
  • Paused buildings are now grayed out on the planet surface
  • Haulers no longer go to paused buildings or buildings without productions
  • Binary stars now orbit slower and closer together
  • Distant stars are now scaled depending on resolution
  • Greatly improved the chat widget
  • Chat no longer shows joins and quits by default
  • Planet stockpile is now sorted alphabetically
  • Warehouse, Granary, and Chemtank goods lists are now sorted alphabetically
  • Goods production is now grayed out if insufficient workers or no gender selected
  • Building management list has been removed
  • Goods production list is now sorted alphabetically
  • Building goods costs are now sorted alphabetically
  • Goods production requirements are now sorted alphabetically
  • Removed irrelevant decimal points
  • Added warning if a building is producing more goods than the haulers can handle
  • Tidied up gender-selection warning
  • Clarified food consumption in planet summary
  • Fixed issue that would prevent new buildings from being placed on very built-up planets
  • Additional tutorial widgets no longer spawn when you change settings
  • Fixed building circles appearing under the planet surface
  • Fixed some issues related to the IRC handler
  • Camera no longer goes insane if Gods and Idols is launched outside the primary monitor
  • Tutorial no longer re-appears once completed
  • Fixed server-side issue that could cause up to an hour rollback for random planets on server shutdown
  • Limited chat history to the last 100 lines to prevent lag when chat is very active
  • Fixed issue that could freeze stockpile values if planet data wasn't loaded when a goods production was being picked
  • Added missing total population growth value to planet summary
  • Fixed issue that would cause the Auth node to not accept new connections
  • All tutorial steps no longer briefly flash on the left side of the screen after connecting

HOTFIX 313>315
  • Fixed missing planet UI after using Seed
Forums > Patches > Patch 3.23.315 (Shipyards and Haulers)
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