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Patch 3.23.179 (Reset)
Posted 1365 days ago
  • Different building types now have different sizes
  • Made it easier to place buildings close to each other
  • Stockpile display fixed
  • Stacking buildings no longer possible
  • Bypassing seed limit no longer possible
  • Seed fixed for pre-crash accounts
  • Fixed ''washed out'' building icons on planets
  • Fixed planet names reverting to Accretion
  • Planet names are now properly picked from the name list
  • Population hunger fixed
  • Fixed account reset not propagating to all planet nodes
  • Tutorial now remembers which step you were on when you reconnect
  • Player position is now properly saved

Patch 3.23.179 Hotfix
  • New players no longer spawn inside a planet
  • Fixed undefined PH_SEND_TUTORIAL error
Forums > Patches > Patch 3.23.179 (Reset)
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