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Patch 3.22.989 (Steam Era)
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  • Slightly increased the risk of pirate attacks on planets
  • Pirate fleets should no longer deploy capital class ships
  • Increased health of Destroyers from 1000 to 3000
  • Increased health of Carriers from 10000 to 100000
  • Increased health of Fighters from 40 to 240
  • Decreased range of most ship weapons to make for more visually interesting battles
  • CIWS fire-delay decreased from 4s to 1s
  • Artillery fire-delay increased from 2s to 6s, damage increased from 40 to 300
  • Increased the range of all planetary defense structures by 50%
  • Decreased the ammo usage of all planetary defense structures by 33%
  • Reduced area of effect of ship flak from 50 to 20
  • Reduced tracking of most ship weapons. Fighters should survive a bit longer now
  • Missile cruiser added to pirate spawn pool
  • All weapons systems now prioritize targets they'd do the most damage to
  • Slightly reduced the movement speed of all ships and fleets
  • Goods links are removed and Haulers are back!
  • Steam account is now required!
  • Further improved icons' loading during startup
  • Texture and shader loading improved
  • Changing resolution or texture quality no longer requires a restart
  • Reduced size of Clouds_a.fvi texture to fix loading issue
  • Improved explosion visuals
  • Greatly improved ship movements
  • Added recoil to heavy ship weaponry
  • Added ship trails
  • Kinetic impacts create sparks
  • Shells that miss their target now travel longer before expiring
  • Fighters now attempt to group up before making attack runs
  • Improved vertical heading adjustment for all ships
  • Buildings are now always visible when mousing over a selected planet
  • Reduced building selection circle to better match visuals
  • Default news tab on main menu is now properly based on which entry is the latest
  • Overhauled settings widget. Several more options are now available
  • Proper tutorial added, currently goes up to Seeding
  • Disabled Temples for now, underlying issue is preventing Artifact construction
  • Fixed issue when master volume was changed to, or from, 0%
  • Fixed excessive weapons targeting on ship index 0 of a hostile fleet
  • Fixed several memory leaks in the effects handler
  • Fixed potential out of bounds read/writes in effects handler
  • Fixed out of bounds crash if several effects were created within the same millisecond
  • Missile impacts were spawning two explosion effects
  • Fixed render chain resetting if too many drawcalls were queued up
  • Fixed division by zero in ship heading calculations
  • Fixed crash on exit if something had hooked the GL context (such as OBS, or XSplit)
  • Fixed effects alpha value being incorrectly set in certain situations, thanks Raven67854 and Piedead
  • Fixed a nullptr crash if a slave effect overwrote its master effect, thanks Raven67854 and Piedead
  • Housing tooltip no longer says +15'000 Housing/min
  • Mouse no longer get stuck or vanishes if you hold RMB while pressing F5, thanks Kurokin
Forums > Patches > Patch 3.22.989 (Steam Era)
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