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Patch 2.21.227 (Haulers are dead, long live links!)
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  • Haulers removed
  • New goods link gameplay system added, buildings transfer goods along established links
  • New Workers gameplay system added, all production requires workers
  • Power is no longer gained automatically from population
  • Building Artifacts added
  • Essence and Power production added to Housing
  • Accretion placement in an asteroid belt changed slightly, now based on camera position not mouse
  • Interacting with buildings now require 66% or more influence, up from 50%
  • Food is now required once a planet's population reach 250, up from 50
  • Housing is now required once a planet's population reach 250, up from 50
  • Warehouses, Granaries, and Chem tanks, now show an inventory of goods stored
  • Several new icons added
  • Pressing escape now cancels building placement mode
  • Removed Production & Haulers view from planets
  • Building icons are now always visible through clouds
  • Added outline to building icons to make them easier to spot at a glance
  • Bandwidth usage reduced across the board
  • Performance in asteroid belts vastly increased, thank you Uncle Paipai
  • Disabled KeepAlive, KA, it was causing more problems than it solved
  • Fixed crash if startup took longer than 10 seconds, thank you Icefire2314
  • Urbanization is no longer rendered on top of building icons
  • Productions that don't require raw materials are no longer reset on server restart
  • Production can no longer be set on building slots exceeding the number of available slots
  • Fixed Invalid webViewPtr crash on startup
  • Fixed images not showing up on the News, Diary, and Patch tabs on the main menu
Forums > Patches > Patch 2.21.227 (Haulers are dead, long live links!)
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