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Test 2.21.79
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  • Haulers fly to buildings even if there's nothing to pickup or deliver
  • Haulers sometimes overdeliver goods to construction sites
  • Hauler logic has been rewritten from scratch and they should now work a lot better
  • Population now consume food from Granaries as expected
  • Population Health, and Hospital building unlocked
  • Casting Summon Hauler now increase influence on the target planet by 2.5%
  • Moved Water production from Refinery to Derricks
  • Refineries can now produce Clean water
  • Added Manufactury and several new goods
  • Added Nightclub and Alcohol goods
  • Refinery cost increased by 45 Metal pipes
  • Derrick cost increased by 85 Metal pipes and lowered by 70 Concrete
  • Added model for Mine, Warehouse
  • Buildings and construction sites now have visible stockpile models
  • New cloud and cloud shadows rendering
  • Planet cloud cover now depend on the planets Gas stat
  • Hauler client-side visuals now closer match the actions on the server
  • Added planet stockpile overview
  • Buildings can be re-selected immediately after closing a building widget
  • Summon Hauler could make regular Haulers stop working
  • Fixed server crash related to summoned Haulers expiring
  • Unfinished Warehouses, Granaries, and Chemtanks no longer swallow goods
  • Haulers only go to pickup goods at buildings that actually have the goods
  • Building stockpiles were not properly cleared after all goods was collected
  • Haulers no longer pickup goods if there's no storage for it
Forums > Patches > Test 2.21.79
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