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Test 2.20.898
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  • Haulers are not delivering goods to Granaries, Warehouses, and Chemtanks
  • Once population goes above 50 they starve because lack of food in Granaries
  • Increased cost of Summon Hauler to 30 Power, up from 20 Power
  • Refinery now has 2 production slots, up from 1
  • Oil derrick now has 1 production slots, down from 2
  • Forge now has 2 production slots, up from 1
  • Foundry now has 2 production slots, up from 1
  • Increased max Haulers per planet from 128 to 512
  • Capital planets now get 3 free Haulers, up from 1
  • Added planet stat summary
  • Resource tooltips now show how quickly the goods is produced and how much raw materials it needs
  • Added bandwidth display to debug panel
  • Hovering over a building now shows what, if anything, it is producing
  • Power was not properly saved on server restart
  • Fixed spelling error, thanks Icefire2314
  • Haulers were stealing goods from construction sites and moving it to other buildings that needed the goods
  • Haulers were delivering too much to construction sites, thanks Pontifex, strobel
  • Fixed UI errors causing excessive debug log spam
  • Fixed issue that could cause summoned Haulers to get stuck
Forums > Patches > Test 2.20.898
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