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Patch 5.25.191 (Fixed recipes)
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This patch focuses on several improvements to Recipe handling as well as a bunch of tweaks to the UI

  • Cancelling a recipe now refunds any resources it had collected and flagged
  • Buildings now have an internal max transfer rate based on demand (See NOTES A)
  • Recipes are now processed in two stages, Collecting and Producing
    • A Recipe will Collect needed resources as fast as possible from the building stockpile and is not affected by Production modifier
    • Once enough resources have been gathered the recipe enters the Producing stage which lasts 30 seconds and is affected by Production modifiers
  • Due to the changes in how recipes are processed Transfer capacity has been rebalanced, and is not comparable to old values
    • Citadel now provides +20 Transfer capacity
    • Horreum now provides +10 Transfer capacity
  • Citadel now provides -50% Global Entropy
  • Reduced the chat font-size
  • Recipes stage and process are now visible in the building management panel
  • Base productions are now added together for identical resources
  • Upkeeps are now added together for identical resources
  • A) This does not change the rate at which resources are transferred FROM a building to the planet per minute, it only distributes it over the whole minute instead of in bursts.
    This does affect how fast resources are transferred TO a building, from the planet and neighbouring buildings, based on how much of a resource the building wants.
    The previous behaviour of Recipes completing as fast as possible was unintended, and they should now complete once per minute if supplied with enough materials.
Forums > Patches > Patch 5.25.191 (Fixed recipes)
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