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Major content patch: Overhaul
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These are upcoming changes that are not yet in the game!

Next regular patch:
- Nothing known -


There is currently no date for Overhaul release!
Two events (Calamity, 100% Bonus) will continue until Overhaul.

Upcoming major content patch: Overhaul
  • As part of Overhaul there will be a complete wipe of the galaxy
    Based on everything you have ingame on Overhaul day a score will be calculated. Depending on your score plus some random factors you will be rewarded with one or more of the following things:
    • Unique permanent Artifact(s)
    • Unique permanent Planetary Modifier(s)
    • Essence
    • Resource caches with different contents that can be spent at will
    • A temporary one-use planetary buff that increase population growth and resource output
    Permanent rewards can be traded away to other players in the future
    Essence can be traded away to other players in the future
    Permanent rewards may undergo balance, mechanical, or visual changes as the game is developed but they will not be removed!
  • Greatly improved building mechanics
  • Complete overhaul and revamp of Artifacts, modifiers, and their functions
  • Complete revamp of production unlocks
  • Complete revamp of goods production
  • Many changes to resources and production chains
  • Major UI improvements and changes
  • New building construction system similar to classic RTS' (Less right click over and over)
  • New building upgrade system based on adjacency
  • Localized planet surface deposits based on planet stats
Forums > Diary > Major content patch: Overhaul
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