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Upcoming patch
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These are upcoming changes that are not yet in the game!
Some of the items below may go live at different times. Which means even though a feature may be listed here, it might not be part of the most immediate patch.
Normal patching will resume as soon as all features below have gone live

Underlined items are confirmed as part of the next patch. Additional items may be added as we approach patch time.

  • You can now transfer resources between planets in your star system
    • Haulers are required to transfer goods
    • At least one space elevator is required to transfer goods from the planet, no special building is needed to receive goods to the planet
  • Overhaul Boost Event
    • All output is increased by +50% until the Overhaul content patch
    • Greatly increased the risk of pirate raids
  • Defeated NPC raids now always leave behind lootable debris, and debris no longer expire (Max 15 lootable debris can exist in a star system)
  • Some low-tier Planetary bonuses now have cosmetic effects on the planet; such as auroras, rings, moon(s), etc
  • Greatly increased the chance for special modifiers to appear on new and crafted Artifacts
  • Greatly increased the chance to get Perfect Artifacts from Treasures
  • Slightly increased the chance to get Timed Artifacts from Treasures
  • Greatly increased the chance for the ''+x max modifiers'' special mod to appear, especially on lower-rarity Artifacts
  • Hovering over the Dev. Vote while no vote is currently underway shows the results of the most recent vote
  • The Immediate Roadmap now also shows Upcoming patch notes
  • The dev. diary now free of the Vote and Upcoming patch topics will go back to proper dev. diaries detailing what I'm working on or random thoughts I have for the future of Gods and Idols
  • Major preparations for the City overhaul
  • Holding down Shift, Ctrl, or Shift+Ctrl, for certain actions, such as Shard conversion, will now do 10x, 100x, and 1000x crafts at once
  • Some minor performance improvements related to interface widget load times
  • Fixed an issue that was causing Pirates to mostly raid the same few planets over and over
  • Fixed incorrect list of possible modifiers being shown during Artifact crafting
  • Fixed issue that could cause Protectors to spawn with the wrong weaponry module
Forums > Diary > Upcoming patch
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