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[Archived 200911] Upcoming patch & Vote results
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The results of the development vote were as follows:
  • 61 votes for Goods transfer + NPC raids
  • 42 votes for More building stuff
  • 14 votes for Player inventory
And so the focus of development for the next two weeks will be the ability to transfer resources and NPC raids.

Thank you to everyone who voted! It helps me a lot in deciding what to focus on and lets me know what you deities want to see.
Remember, everything will make it into the game at some point so don't worry if your pick didn't win this time!

The next vote is scheduled for Sep 18th, you can see a countdown if you mouse-over the vote button in the top left.


This patch has been released as Server patch (Looping Devourer)
  • The Continuous Loop modifier can now spawn on Angelic in addition to Divine and Demonic
  • New Artifact modifier: Devourer
    • When placed in a building it will consume a random resource and over time has a chance to randomly increase the tier of a modifier on any Artifact in the same building. The Devourer modifier can not improve itself, is unaffected by all other modifiers, and has a limited number of uses before it becomes inert.
  • Increased the chance bonus per Scout from 0.1 to 1
  • Adjusted spawn weight of several Artifact modifiers
  • Shard transmutation mechanic available in Temples Postponed *
  • Some improvements to the list of possible modifiers shown when Artifact crafting. Over time I intend to make it so it will explicitly show exactly which modifiers and tiers are possible for the selected Artifact and rarity. Postponed *
  • Fixed Shards not working outside the Capital planet Postponed *
Forums > Diary > [Archived 200911] Upcoming patch & Vote results
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