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Fleets offline
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The Fleet server is currently offline.
All other servers are online and most gameplay elements should work fine, more details below.


These are upcoming changes, they are not yet in the game
Upcoming patch
  • Artifact slot changes:
    • If Congregation points is negative any Artifact slots beyond the limit will be clearly marked as inactive in the client instead of random ones being ignored server-side. Inactive slots will not be removed, and Artifacts socketed into them can be unsocketed (Or destroyed), but no new Artifact can be put into them until population grow back. Slots will be disabled in the order they were unlocked. Because the unlock-order-data is missing for existing slots they may not become marked as inactive in the order you expect, only slots unlocked after this patch will contain the proper unlock-order-data.
  • Treasure Resource caches drop-rate fixed
  • Electricity is fixed
  • Can no longer spend Congregation points beyond population limit
  • All server database interactions have been rewritten and optimized
  • Optimized all database structures
  • Some gameplay features have been moved to other services to reduce data duplication

Fleet server details
Because the Fleet server is offline the following features will not work:
  • Raids
  • Launching fleets
Some temporary mechanics have been added to make ships useful until the Fleet server comes back online:
  • Scouts increase the chance to get Artifacts in Treasures
  • S.I.E.Ves generate Ore
  • Pioneers can be ordered to colonize a planet simply by clicking a button
The Fleet server will undergo an almost complete rewrite to bring it up to date and fix some ''personality issues'' it has accumulated. There is no estimate for how long this will take.
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