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Patching and maintenance in progress
Work in progress changelog can be found here.
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Maintenance and Patch progress
Posted 8 days ago
All done
Seed + Cities going online
Fix Goods production
Fix Buildings
Fix some UI issues
Break+Sleep [Countdown extended 24h]
Servers updated, no client patch today
Break+Sleep [Countdown extended 24h]
All known issues with Cities fixed
Fix more issues with Cities [Extended 24h]
Break+Sleep [Countdown extended 18h]
Updated some missing models
Fixed some issues with Cities
Fly around + Accretion going online
Break+Sleep [Countdown extended 12h]
Fix issues found by auto-test
Break+Sleep [Extended 12h]
Automated service testing
Migrate services from dev to live
Update database structure part 2 [Extended +18h]
Sleep [Countdown extended 6h]
Update database structure part 1
HW maintenance
OS maintenance
Database cleanup
Database backup


completed step
currently being done
upcoming step

Additional steps may be added as needed, such as Sleep if things take long.
Countdown may be extended as required.
As always you can catch me in the ingame chat, on Steam, or on the forums if you have any questions or just want to say hi!
Forums > Diary > Maintenance and Patch progress
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